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Ultimate Sprite Shop

Post  Current Champion: Rocky on Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:21 am

we make banners trainer sprites fusions recolors and animations

See all the sprites made here or more:

feel free to suggest new names for our pallettes we might or might not change them.

1.No more than 7 requests at a time that doesn't mean post multiple times just to get more artwork
2.No critisism i allow 1 to 10 ratings but thats it
3.Don't post unless it's a request or has to do with OUR artwork
4.Don't get mad if we turn down a request we usually don't but some are really hard
5.Give us time to work
6.Don't post your own artwork here (unless you are given permission by me)

[i]no one is banned yet

Pokemon artshop V.2 staff:
Rocktem [Boss]

if you are a reuqester and liked the artwork that you got please reccommend the shop to your friends.

Help wanted:


two spots remaining

fusions: this is eevee fused with zorua

banner: the picture on the top of this site was made by me, the picture is called a banner, so by the looks of it, this is my low skill of a banner-maker Sad

recolors: all recolors in pallette sheet, or if you want to make a pokemon the same color as another pokemon:
this is a blitzle recolored as zorua

devamp: this is black/white version of bulbasaur devamped by Red/Blue version bulbasaur:

revamp: this is Red/Blue version of mew revamped as black/white version of mew:

pillow shading: this is pillow shaded pikachu:

splicing: a fusion of 3 or more pokemon.... this is a splice of scizor, moltres, magmortor, and kyurem:

pokeball fusion: a fusion of a pokeball and pokeball ex. chandelure pokeball:

user bars(this is the one for this sprite shop:made by me):

egg fusion:

emote fusion (this is one for a smiley face of scizor):

*NEW*color swap (when a pokemon's own colors get swapped into different parts of their body):

these are made by me so plz do not copy them and say they are yours because as administrator i can delete your account
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