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Post  Current Champion: Rocky on Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:04 pm

Okay, so, Pokemon Online is a battle simulator that is completely identical to Wi-Fi battling, except Wi-Fi is not needed, only an Internet Connection, and since you're reading. You have one. ;o;

This link is a direct download to Pokemon Online.

Once downloaded, you have the options of:


Once opened, you have the tab of Trainer. Here, you set your Name that will be visible to whoever you battle and when you get on a server. You can also put some bio information, and you set a automatic message that is shown in the log of your battle when you win or lose.

Next tab is Team. Here you set up your team. The options are all self-explanatory. You can automatically EV if you know what values you want to put in, which makes it easier than playing on the games because it's less effort for the lazy folk, have automatic natures, set Hidden Power Values/IV's. Another nifty feature is that all the moves the Pokemon can learn are visible and you can set them to your choosing.

Next tab is Box, self explanatory.

Tab after that which is Pokedex, also self-explanatory.

Once you have a team, you save it, exit the Tab, and click the tab you get when you load Pokemon Online which is:

Go Online

Once you click Go Online, you have to connect to any server of your choosing.

For example, I go on the Pokemon battle center server.

To battle any specific person, you click their name on the left-hand corner and click Challenge, which triggers a challenge and a battle will commence when they accept the challenge. To fight any random person, you click Find Battle in the tabs on the bottom. You have 3 options there.

Force Rated Battles - Battles that involve your rating. lolduh

Force Same Tier - To fight with Pokemon in a certain tier. Link to tiers and Pokemon that are in the specified tiers. OU and Ubers are the most common form for battling.

Only Battle Trainers with a Battle Rating of ___ - Only fight people who's rating is close to yours within a certain limit.

And that's about it. If there's anything to update, will be updated in the morning.

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